The Allart Story

The Allart story begins in the Houston, Texas suburb of Pasadena, where the husband and wife team of Al and Lucy Ingram opened A&L Picture Framing in 1954. 

In 1962, daughter Rose and her husband Ronald Avera took over the business, adding a separate studio for labor and production work.  As the business grew and expanded, a Houston location, Allart, was added, and over the next several decades it firmly established its reputation as one of the area's most accomplished and respected framers. 

In 1985, Rose and Ron's son Jerry joined Allart, bringing his eye for historical appropriateness and his training as a draftsman to bear on his original frame designs.   He has also expanded Allart's range of services to include archival photo and document restoration and reproduction. 

Moving into the 21st century,  Allart is well prepared to expand its reputation for quality, personal service, and exceptional value.